For sometime I had struggled to understand the bible for myself. Formany years my prayer was that I wanted to know God’s word deeper and more intimately. I struggled to understand Him for myself. One day I remember reading about Gethsemane and was able to see visually in my mind what that could look like.

I wondered if anyone else had struggled visually so what if you took the word of God and communicated it photographically? With energy and movement, passion and beauty that had never been seen before. Oh the endless possibilities. That someone would be able to be strengthened in the word by seeing His creations, testimonies and His greatness.

I started to concept many ideas of scripture and through battling intense fear and insecurity I took a leap of faith. I had the revelation that if I stayed there, that’s exactly where the enemy wanted me bound and crippled and therefore not walking in my God given abilities.

In 2017 I launched the rst collection of limited edition art
pieces based around Psalm twenty-three and this is just the beginning.


I’ve lived in two different continents in the last two years, along with that I have always loved travelling. Inspired by what I’ve seen I started collating a folder of my favorite images along with projects I’ve had the privilege to work on. It felt useless just sitting in a folder on my computer so I’ve opened up this gallery to you.

From songwriting sessions in Nashville, LA adventures, to London’s skyline. These images reflect a visual journey of some of my favourite memories and images. Carefully curated, I have selected my favorites to share with you to hang in your home.


We have intentionally selected the paper to bring out the highest quality in colors and blacks. All our paper is 100% acid free and archival matte .

We have created one hundred of each image image, 10 x 8 (in) 30 x 20(in).

The images are unframed as we want you to be able to personalise for your home and decor.