Isaiah David is so proud to support the LSK foundation with 10% of all sales of art pieces going to help accomplish their vision for others to obtain a “beautiful” cosmetic covering for a prosthetic arm and leg across America. 

In December 2011, Lauren’s life was forever changed. Her calendar paused, her career path changed, and her platform increased after a night of injury, or what she subconsciously defined at the time as a “depletion of beauty”. She was sucked into a plane propeller; the blade cut into her brain and the left side of her body, resulting in the loss of her left eye and left hand. The support she received from the city of Dallas and throughout the nation filled her with humbled gratefulness. Lauren began to realize that brokenness can be beautiful, even amidst unexpected suffering and pain.

After her accident, Lauren was in the rare situation of her insurance covering nearly the entire cost of her cosmetic prosthesis, designed by Advanced Arm Dynamics and ARTech Laboratory. She thought this was typical until she started meeting other girls who has lost limbs and also when she hosted the “Beautifully Flawed Retreat” with Bethany Hamilton in 2013. It was there that she met other young women who also had tragic stories of injury, but different stories of obtaining prosthetic limbs that helped in their healing and feeling of wholeness. Many of these women either disliked their unnatural looking prosthesis, could not get one because of the high cost, or were unaware of where to go to receive a beautiful, customized silicone covering for their prosthesis. Lauren began to pray and ask the Lord how she could help those who desired to have a natural looking prosthesis, but could not afford the full cost and at the same time building relationships and sharing the message of true beauty found only in Christ. Three years later, her vision for a faith based foundation became reality as The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation was formed.

The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation was founded by what has been called a “Divine intersection." Lauren, Lisa, and Ashley not only met and became close friends, but also realized they had similar stories and an identical vision. All three women had been able to have their prostheses made to look completely real and exactly like their other limb by ARTech Laboratory in Midlothian, Texas. With the many changes in insurance costs and provisions, they also realized that most people no longer had access to custom silicone restorations which could make their prosthesis look real.

In 2015, Lauren, Lisa and Ashley were able to accomplish their vision for helping others obtain a “beautiful” prosthesis. Together, with the National Christian Foundation and ARTech Laboratory, they seek to provide funding for girls and women to receive cosmetic silicone coverings for their prostheses, with the hope that they will experience both physical and spiritual restoration and healing.